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                            DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN POLICY OF YAMATO STATE FROM THE LATE                                  30S TILL MID 50S OF THE 5TH CENTURY 


Surowen Dmitriy Alexandrovich, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of state and law history, Ural State Academy of Law (Ekaterinburg), 

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The article investigates the events during the reign of the sovereign Woasaduma-waku-go-no sukune (Ingyou) in Yamato, particularly during a very important reform regarding the ordering of hereditary titles (kabane); and in the period when military hegemony of Japan in military affairs of South Korea was recognized by imperial China, and there was a good situation to establish a military alliance of the South-Korean state Silla (an old enemy of Yamato) with the existed military union of Yamato and the second South-Korean state Paekche against aggression of the North-Korean state Koguryo supported by people mohe.

Key words

ancient Japan, Yamato, king Ingyou, Wo-asaduma-waku-go-no sukune, Silla, Koguryo, Paekche, Imna, Kara, Kaya, Mimana). 

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